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      Breed       Image Title
  Black Labrador Max
  Boston Terrier Elf               
  Boston Terrier Hairy Winston
  Boxer Jamaica Me Happy
  Brussels Griffon Jessie
  Bull Terrier Bulls Eye
  Bulldog Brutus
  Bulldog Gentleman Jack 
  Chihuahua Hermez
  Chinese Crested Sid & Nancy
  Chocolate Labrador Booker
  Cocker Spaniel The Cockers
  Corgi Prince Dookie
  Dalmatian Dasher The Dalmation Leopard
  French Bulldog Prince Charming
  Golden Retriever Charity
  Golden Retrievers The Goldens (Buck & Maxine)
  Great Dane La Chasse Aux Papillion
  Lhasa Apso Jade
  Long Haired Dachshund Cream de la Cream      
  Maltese Lacee
  Maltese Lulu
  Mix Breed Harry for Isaac
  Papillion Papillion Alliance Parade
  Peekapoo Bella
  Poodle Clifford
  Poodle Hunter
  Pug Valentino
  Rhodesian Ridgeback Lion Tamer 
  Saluki Lady Abigail
  Schnauzer Checkers
  Skye Terrier Christmas Crunch
  Springer Spaniel Jackson
  Standard Poodle Scarlet O'Haira
  West Highland Terrier Chardonnay
  West Highland Terrier Floral Westie Garden
  West Highland Terrier Snow Flake
  West Highland Terrier Things are Looking Up
  Yorkshire Terriers The Twins